EVERVISION to complete it’s 7.0" IPS TFT WVGA Series by 1500cd type:

EVERVISION Electronics Europe now complet’s it’s VGG804833 IPS product line by the super high brightness technology version coming with 1500cd/m².

The power consumption of the LED backlight just amounts to 4.5 Watts and can be not only for day light application, but also for applications requiring low power consumption or lowest self-heating.

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Adaptive Ambient Light Sensor

When using high brightness displays, in many cases the display won’t be solely exposed to day light environment, but also to darker environment so that automatically dimming of the backlight will be necessary.

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EVERVISION presents antibacterial coated cover glasses

EVERVISION Electronics Europe offers antibacterial coated cover glasses with an MOQ of 500 pcs.

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EVERVISION to go for production with 8.0“ 4:3 IPS Industrial Display

The 4:3 display aspect along with the typical resolution of XGA ( 1024x768 ) having for decades it’s firm position in the industrial market for TFT displays. More and more inquiries for smaller diagonals at XGA resolution have EVERVISION motivated to develop the new type 8.0“ XGA which comes with IPS technology which comes either with LVDS or with interface.

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EVERVISION to launch new 13.3" FHD IPS Industrial TFT Display

EVERVISION Electronics Europe enlarges it’s range by another industrial Full HD ( 1920x1080 ) Display with size of 13.3". That new series VGG191006 is available with interfaces LVDS, eDP or . Optionally available is the capacitive EVERVISION touch sensor IPCT which comes either with USB or on request with I²C Interface. The display is characterized by high brightness backlights up to 1000cd/m² and the LED lifetime of 50khrs ( typ. ) so that it can be ideally used for outdoor application.

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Universal USB Display Interface Board now available

EVERVISION Electronics Europe from now on can ship the universal USB Interface Board, which bases on DisplayLink controller derivate. The USB 3.0 interface standard allows to drive the USB Interface Board along with TFT displays plus capacitive touchpanel’s up to diagonals of at least 10.1” WXGA without need for further power supplies. Moreover the USB Board comes with HOST function, so that further displays can be connected in series connection.

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EVERVISION to introduce 3.5" VGA industrial TFT Module

EVERVISION Electronics Europe enlarges it’s display range by high resolution 3.5” industrial TFT module which comes with 640x480 dots and 4:3 aspect. Square pixels allowing to display circles so that this new type fits excellently to high definition user menus of medical or industrial applications.

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Vertical Alignment (VA) LC Display with capacitive touch

EVERVISION Electronics Europe to launch new black and white LC Display Technology providing high contrast and in-cell touch key function. Due to vertical alignment display technology the displays coming with high contrast and good viewing angles.

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EVERVISION expands its product line by all-in-one Multimedia Displays

EVERVISION Electronics Europe is pleased to introduce the expanded TFT Display product line by serial Multimedia Interface display series. EVERVISION Electronics Europe is pleased to introduce the expanded TFT Display product line by serial Multimedia

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Zero Power Multi Stable Liquid Crystal (MSLC) Display

EVERVISION Electronics Europe is pleased to introduce its Multi Stable Liquid Crystal (MSLC) Displays, performing very close to e-Paper displays but allowing much higher flexibility for customization.

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New 10.1” WUXGA 1920x1200 IPS TFT module with IPCT Touch Sensor

EVERVISION Electronics Europe is pleased to introduce its new 10.1” 1920x1200 (WUXGA) IPS TFT Module which comes with backlight brightness of 1000cd/m² (typ.) and LED lifetime of 50khrs @ 25°. Interface is dual channel LVDS.

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EVERVISION to intruduce it’s new MIPI DSI Industrial TFT Line

EVERVISION Electronics Europe is delighted to launch it’s new MIPI Industrial TFT Series with sizes 4.3“ - 10.1“.

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EVERVISION to introduce complete IPS Industrial TFT module range

EVERVISION Electronics Europe is pleased to introduce its completed small and midsize IPS Industrial TFT module series.

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EVERVISION to introduce new flexible OPEN FRAME DISPLAY series

EVERVISION Electronics Europe is pleased to introduce its new OPEN FRAME product line ranging from 10.1” to 15.0” of size for standard products.

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Bar-Type TFT Displays

Ultra Wide View, stretched display with wide aspect ratio

EVERVISION ELECTRONICS EUROPE, a leading manufacturer of display products and customized touch solutions, is enlarging its display portfolio with three new Bar-Type TFT displays.

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7.0" WVGA and WSVGA TFT displays super high brightness

Super High Brightness and Sunlight Readable TFT Displays for industrial outdoor applications

EVERVISION Electronics Europe, a leading manufacturer of display products and customized touch solutions, is expanding its product range with the new super high brightness 7.0" TFT WVGA and WSVGA.

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5.7” TFT VGA Super High Brightness with Ultra Wide View

EVERVISION Electronics Europe is pleased to introduce its new 5.7” TFT VGA super high brightness with Ultra Wide View. This is the perfect solution for outdoor industrial applications.

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Industrial full color 5.0 inch 800x480 TFT LCD display now with LVDS

EVERVISION Electronics Europe, present its new 5.0" LVDS Display Modules in High Resolution 800 x 480 Dots and 24bit color depth.

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Industrial full color 4.3 inch TFT LCD display with 480x272 pixel

The Super high brightness of 1200 nits allows the sunlight readability and is suitable for industrial or medical applications in bright environments such as outdoor terminals, parking automats, payment kiosks.

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