EVERVISION expands its product line by all-in-one Multimedia Displays


EVERVISION Electronics Europe is pleased to introduce the expanded TFT Display product line by serial Multimedia Interface display series.

The demand for industrial plug and play display solutions is growing steadily. In order to support this market, EVERVISION has enlarged its portfolio by this new and flexible display series.

The EVERVISION Multimedia TFT displays modules are available at formats from 4.3” up to 10.1" and having an option for the proprietary EVERVISION capacitive touch sensor IPCT with USB interface.

Range of EVERVISION Multimedia Display solutions:

Size (inch) Resolution Display Technology Brightness cd/m2 IPCT
4.3 800 x 480 IPS 8100 IPCT USB
5.0 800 x 480 TN 1200 IPCT USB
5.0 800 x 480 IPS 500 IPCT USB
7.0 800 x 480 TN 400 IPCT USB
7.0 1024 x 600 TN 500 IPCT USB
7.0 1024 x 600 IPS 1400 IPCT USB
8.0 800 x 480 TN 1000 IPCT USB
9.0 800 x 480 TN 250 IPCT USB
10.1 1280 x 800 IPS 500 IPCT USB

Samples are available ex stock Karlsruhe / Germany

Due to high flexibility in R&D and production, EVERVISION is pleased to receive inquiries for customization on this product line. At reasonable minimum order quantities and fair tooling charges, customizations for Cover Glass with Logoprint, PCB changes, connectors and cables are welcome.