EVERVISION to launch new 13.3" FHD IPS Industrial TFT Display

EVERVISION Electronics Europe enlarges it’s range by another industrial Full HD (1920x1080) Display with size of 13.3". That new series VGG191006 is available with interfaces LVDS, eDP or . Optionally available is the capacitive EVERVISION touch sensor IPCT which comes either with USB or on request with I²C Interface. The display is characterized by high brightness backlights up to 1000cd/m² and the LED lifetime of 50khrs (typ.) so that it can be ideally used for outdoor application.

Key features

  • 13.3" 1920x1080 IPS with LVDS, eDP or
  • 800cd/m² (typ.)
  • 50khrs (typ.) LED Lifetime
  • IPCT Option
  • Bespoke solutions for e.g. Cover Glass are welcome

Type IF IPCT Brightness cd/m² ( typ. )
VGG191006-0TSLWA - 1000
VGG191006-0TSLWB USB 880
VGG191006-0TSLWE LVDS - 800
VGG191006-0TSLWG eDP - 800
VGG191006-0TSLWF eDP USB 700