EVERVISION to go for production with 8.0“ 4:3 IPS Industrial Display


The 4:3 display aspect along with the typical resolution of XGA ( 1024x768 ) having for decades it’s firm position in the industrial market for TFT displays. More and more inquiries for smaller diagonals at XGA resolution have EVERVISION motivated to develop the new type 8.0“ XGA which comes with IPS technology which comes either with LVDS or with interface.

Furthermore available is the proprietary capacitive touchpanel IPCT with USB Interface which allows to have also customized cover lens.

This series has got operation temperature range of -20+70° und comes with brightness of 400cd/m².

Key features

  • 8.0“ IPS XGA 1024x786
  • LVDS or
  • 400 cd/m² ( typ. )
  • IPCT Option
  • Option for customized cover lens

Table: Product Feature

Type IF IPCT Brightness cd/m² ( typ. )
VGG107613-0TSLWC - 400
VGG107613-0TSLWB USB 350
VGG107613-0TSLWD LVDS - 400