EVERVISION to complete it’s 7.0" IPS TFT WVGA Series by 1500cd type:

EVERVISION Electronics Europe now complet’s it’s VGG804833 IPS product line by the super high brightness technology version coming with 1500cd/m².

The power consumption of the LED backlight just amounts to 4.5 Watts and can be not only for day light application, but also for applications requiring low power consumption or lowest self-heating.

Beside standard interfaces like TTLRGB, LVDS or also customized solutions are welcome like eDP or USB Interface.

The 1.4mm capacitive IPCT Glass/Glass sensor is available as I²C or USB type and allows additionally the attachment of a customized Cover Glass at the thickness of 3.0mm.

Customized solutions are welcome and can be offered in most cases at order quantities of 300 – 500pcs.

Product characterstics

  • 7.0" 800x480 IPS as TTLRGB, LVDS or
  • 1500cd/m² ( typ. )
  • 30khrs ( min. ) LED Lifetime
  • 4.5W LED Backlight Powerconsumption
  • IPCT Option
  • Customized Cover Glass option is possible from 300pcs per order.

Type IF IPCT Brightness cd/m² ( typ. )
VGG804833-0TSLWN TTLRGB - 1500
VGG804833-0TSLWO LVDS - 1500
VGG804833-0TSLWP LVDS I²C 1500
VGG804833-0TSLWQ TTLRGB I²C 1500
VGG804833-0TSLWR LVDS USB 1300
VGG804833-0TSLWS USB 1300
VGG804833-0TSLWT - 1500