EVERVISION presents antibacterial coated cover glasses


EVERVISION Electronics Europe offers antibacterial coated cover glasses with an MOQ of 500 pcs.

Silver nanoparticles as antimicrobial agents.

The addition of nano-silver material (colloidal silver or silver ion) into the Silicon dioxide (glass surface) helps to break up the bacterial cell wall during the glass coating process. As a result, 99 percent of the bacteria on the glass are killed. Fungi and their spores are destroyed and their spread is prevented.

The antibacterial cover glass is easy to clean and low-maintenance. The antibacterial effect remains insensitive to conventional cleaning and disinfecting agents. The coating film cured by high temperature improves the adhesion, which can guarantee the use for 10 years.

EVERVISION Electronics Europe offers the antibacterial coated cover glasses in diagonals from 3.5 "to 17.0" and with a thickness of 0.55mm to 4mm. The antibacterial cover glass has a resistant surface hardness of 8H. A low minimum order quantity of 500 pieces can be realized with fair tooling cost.


Antibacterial cover glass is particularly suitable for applications and environments with high hygienic standards, such as medical devices, laboratory equipment and point of sales.

Performance test: The effectiveness of the antibacterial coated cover glass was demonstrated in tests by an independent laboratory.

According to JIS Z 2801 test standard, the same number of bacteria (Staphylococcus aurous, Escherichia coli) was applied to an EVERVISION antibacterial coated cover glass and an uncoated glass. After a period of 24 hours, the number of bacteria was tested for both glasses. The EVERVISION antibacterial cover glass killed 99% of the bacteria. (SGS report on request)

Table: Product Feature

Test Description Result Regulation
% reflectance rate 380~780nm <5% CNS 13033
% transmittance rate 380~780nm >88%
Abrasion test / Dust-free cloth with detergent 1000g / 2000cycles 99% CNS 260 / JIS Z 2801
Acid Alkali test / Acid 1N, soak 24 hrs (PH0) 99%
Sterilization rate Alkali 0.01N, soak 24 hrs (PH12) 99%
Pencil hardness 765g 8H ASTM D3363-2A