Bar-Type TFT Displays

Ultra Wide View, stretched display with wide aspect ratio


Aspect ratios of 4: 3 or 16: 9 are standard size screens on the TFT LCD panel market. However, these formats do not cover all requirements and more and more often stretched formats are needed to visualize relevant information. Bar Type TFT displays are very wide, but have only a small height. This atypical format allows displaying a panoramic view and attracts the attention.

EVERVISION offers the Bar-Type Displays in three different sizes: 8.8 inches, 10.25 inches and 12.3 inches. In order to meet customer requirements, especially for industrial applications, EVERVISION offers the following technologies for these Bar-Type formats:

  • HFFS panel technology with 85 ° / 85 ° / 85 ° / 85 ° viewing angles
  • operating temperature range from -30 to +85 ° C
  • with capacitive touch panel (IPCT) or resistive touch panel (RTP)
  • with interface board option (LVDS board with backlight driver and PWM function).


Due to the wide operating temperature range, the Bar-Type Displays are ideally suited for use in industrial applications, in vehicles and construction machinery. The stretched panels in sunlight quality can get integrated perfectly into applications where standard displays cannot get used.

Evervision Bar Type TFT color displays are also ideal for vending machines, all types of mobile measurement systems, servers, POS systems, dynamic information displays, home appliances and advertisement systems.

Availability of samples

Samples are available from stock and can be ordered if needed. With minimum order quantities starting from 300pcs, this series can be used flexibly in many applications. For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

8.8 " -> VGG124802 Series
10.25 " -> VGG124801 Series
12.3 " -> VGG197201 Series