10.1" TFT Display Kit Solution with All-in-One HDMI Board

The simplest way to integrate displays into industrial applications


EVERVISION HDMI Display Kit Solution or the simplest way to integrate displays into industrial applications! A modern TFT module is controlled via LVDS / RBG interface and cannot be operated as an industrial computer directly via a usual available HDMI interface. An HDMI controller board is required to connect this interface.

EVERVISION offers a 10.1" HDMI Display Kit Solution consisting of 10.1" IPS display, Controller Board (HDMI interface board) and cable set as a functional unit, so that it can be integrated into a planned application. The appropriate cable sets have to be connected and the HDMI display solution already works.

The EVERVISION 10.1" Display Kit Solution with HDMI interface consists of:

  • 10.1 "TFT display with 1280x800 resolution, IPS type
  • HDMI Interface Controller Board incl. Mini HDMI and Mini USB connectors
  • Integrated Backlight Driver
  • External dimming possible with PWM
  • Power supply cable (12V DC)

Stand-alone HDMI Board:

EVERVISION HDMI Interface Controller Board is also available as a stand-alone board with LVDS or RGB Output. On the HDMI Board you can quickly and easily control all current EVERVISION TFT displays, without additional hardware.


EVERVISION 10.1" Display Kit Solution with HDMI Interface Board is a kit with the simplest system solution and a lot of flexibility. It helps developers realize a project quickly and easily. It saves costs and time and optimizes "Time to Market". This is the easiest and most comfortable way to integrate TFT panels in industrial applications.

All components used are carefully selected, available in the long term and meet the highest quality requirements. The display kit is available with and without capacitive touch panel. No tooling costs are required.


EVERVISION’s 10.1” Display Kit Solution with HDMI Interface Board are applied for HMI (Human Machine Interface) in Industry, Medical, Avionic, access control, car systems, multimedia applications and other audiovisual systems.

Availability of samples

Samples are available ex stock or can be reordered if required. The MOQ is 510pcs. For any further question please feel free to contact us.

VGG128012-5TSLWA (without Touch),
VGG128012-5TSLWB with IPCT USB and
VGG128012-5TSLWC with IPCT I²C