5.7” TFT VGA Super High Brightness with Ultra Wide View


EVERVISION’s new 5.7” TFT VGA (VGG644804-6UFLWU) display features 640 x 480 resolution and LVDS 6 bit interface. Designed with a high-efficiency power LED backlight, the display achieves a super high brightness of 1300cd/m², which makes it easily readable even in bright, sunny environments.

EVERVISION’s new TFT-LCD offers a wide operating temperature range of - 30° / 80°C. Together with the long-term availability, the display is ideal for industrial applications. Using Evervision Ultra Wide View (UWV) polarizer technology, the display provides a wide viewing angle in all directions 80°/80°/80°/80° and eliminates colour inversion.

The backlight itself is specially designed to allow low power consumption by selecting a lower backlight current. This is suitable for applications that need lowest self-heating effect. Also the LED backlight lifetime of 40khrs (min.) at 25° can be managed by the customer to achieve a maximal lifetime.

The resistive Touchpanel or the IPCT (USB or I²C) are available optionally. The version without Ultra Wide View is also available. VGG644804-6UFLWV achieves a super high brightness of 1800cd/m².


Evervision’s super high brightness TFT display is optimal for daylight applications like parking pay station, E-Car charging point, automatic car wash POS, outdoor terminals, payment kiosk and more.

Availability of samples

Samples for VGG644804-6UFLWU and VGG644804-6UFLWV are available. The MOQ is 540pcs. For any further question, please feel free to contact us.

General specifications

Item Dimension Unit
Size 5.7 Inch TFT VGA
Resolution 640 × RGB × 480 pixel
Basis module dimension 144.0 (W) × 104.6 (H) × 13 (D) mm
Active area 115.2 × 86.4 mm
Brightness 1300 - 1800 cd/m²
LCD type TFT, TN type, Normally White, Transmissive Mode
View Direction 6 o'clock / 6H
Available interface Parallel TTL RGB 24bit
LVDS 24bit
Backlight Type LED, normally White
Touch screen Resistive Touch Panel (RTP)
Improved Projected Capacitive Touch Panel (IPCT)
Operating Temperature Up to -30+80℃
Connector 33 pins TTL RGB Interface
20 pins LVDS Interface Board
Polarizer available UWV: Ultra Wide Viewing Polarizer
LRF: Low reflection Film / AR: Anti Reflective
Power supply
Backlight Driver
Backlight lifetime
+3.3 V
LED Driver
Up to 60.000 hrs
Customization available Cover Glass with print and holes
Optical bonding with OCR