7.0" WVGA and WSVGA TFT displays super high brightness

Super High Brightness and Sunlight Readable TFT Displays for industrial outdoor applications


EVERVISION Electronics Europe, a leading manufacturer of display products and customized touch solutions, is expanding its product range with the new super high brightness 7.0" TFT WVGA and WSVGA. Feature with an exceptional brightness of up to 1750 cd/m², the latest 7.0" TFT displays from EVERVISION enable splendid screen display even under sunlight.

Furthermore, super high brightness TFT displays are also used even when no daylight readability is required, but when low power consumption or minimal self-heating phenomenon is needed. Backlight LED driver with PWM brightness control is optional available.

By using Ultra Wide Viewing (UWV) technology with extremely wide viewing angles of 80°/80°/80°/80° in all directions, a flexible installation in portrait or landscape mode without color inversion is possible. The long-time availability and long life LED backlights (50khours backlight lifetime typ.) meet the requirements for industrial applications.:


Due to these advantages, the new super high brightness EVERVISION’s displays are suitable for industrial or medical applications in bright environments and for applications such as outdoor terminals, parking automats, e-car charging stations, POS, payment kiosks and much more.

Availability of samples

Most samples are from stock available or can be reordered if required. The MOQ is 300pcs. Resistiv touch screens and backlight drivers are optional available.

7.0 inch WVGA resolution 800x480:
VGG804806-6UFLW - (without touch) 1750 cd/m², (with IPCT Touchpanel) 1250 cd/m²

7.0 inch WSVGA resolution 1024x600:
VGG106004-6UFLW-- (standard) 1000 cd/m², (with IPCT Touchpanel) 880 cd/m²

7.0 inch WSVGA IPS resolution 1024x600:
VGG106007-0TSLW-- (standard) 1400 cd/m², (with IPCT touch panel) 1230 cd/m²

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