Zero Power Multi Stable Liquid Crystal (MSLC) Display

EVERVISION Electronics Europe is pleased to introduce its Multi Stable Liquid Crystal (MSLC) Displays, performing very close to e-Paper displays but allowing much higher flexibility for customization.

Key features at a glance:

  • Zero power consumption after image creation
  • Reflective mode, no backlight needed
  • Wide viewing angles of 87°/87°/87°/87°
  • Customization welcome at minimum order quantity of 2kpcs
  • High resolution for complex graphics

Comparison of MSLC versus e-Paper technology:

MSLC e-Paper
Tooling Low High
Minimum Order Quantity 2kpcs High
Refresh current 44mA 8mA
Refresh time ~ 50sec. ~ 12-15sec.

For flexible and efficient prototype integration, display samples coming with evaluation board and demo software.